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aerial challenge

Never worry about call charges again. For a while now we have been able to offer free calls to UK landlines with our exclusive call rates on SIP lines, when coupled with our exceedingly cheap call rates to mobiles – we have been blowing our competitors out of the water.

We are now so sure that ours is the best proposition out there, that we are willing to bet you £100 that our quote will come up cheaper than you current spend.

The Aerial Challenge

It’s really quite simple, just send us a copy of your latest phone bill and if our counter-quote is more expensive than your existing bill then we will give you £100 in high-street vouchers – you have nothing to lose!

Click here to email us your bill, or fill out the form below to take the challenge!

Why are we so confident?

We easily half your monthly spend from your office phone system by replacing your antiquated lines with up-to-date SIP lines. What are SIP lines? Well, without wanting to bore you; SIP (session initiation protocol) SIP replacementtrunking is essentially the process of putting calls over the internet. (Okay, that really was basic terms, but you get the drift.)

SIP lines are super cheap, typically a third of the price of analogue or ISDN lines. Couple this with our call rates and you can see why so many people are converting to SIP. We’ll make sure you have the strongest possible business-grade broadband to run voice over and provide SIP-specific routers to prioritise traffic.

With all the money you’re saving, we can make a new phone system cost-neutral by swallowing the expense in the money we’re saving you in liens and calls.

So a brand-new, all-singing-all-dancing phone system, with robust connectivity, a new router and the cheapest call rates around…for no extra cost?!

Click here to email us your bill.

Or fill out the form below and someone will be in contact straight away with details of how to get your bill sent across to us.

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