Samsung Knox: Defence-Grade Mobile Security

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Mobiles are central to our connected lives, which means your employees increasingly need access to confidential and sensitive business data wherever, whenever. Samsung Knox provides a single platform to safeguard data across all your company’s compatible Samsung mobile devices.

With Samsung Knox your employees are protected personally and professionally. You can be sure your company’s encrypted business and customer data will stay secure, no matter which Samsung device, app or service is used within the Knox container.


The strongest mobile security gives you confidence that your business is protected.
According to Gartner, with Samsung Knox, you’re using the most “strong” rated of any mobile security platform. So, you can be confident that you’re doing everything possible to protect the reputation of your business.

Mobile Management

Defence-grade security and management solutions that save you time and money.
Samsung Knox gives you a secure, all-in-one answer to the problems of setting up and managing your mobile devices. And it works seamlessly with any Samsung device, app or service used within the Knox container.


Customise your devices and create more tailored customer experiences.
With Samsung Knox, you get a powerful set of tools that allows you to customise your devices and create bespoke experiences, without compromising your data security.


Keep work and personal lives separate and remotely secure your business data.
Samsung Knox stores private user data and encrypted work data in separate containers, and all data can be found, locked or wiped remotely with a few clicks.

To learn more about Knox customisation, deployment, manageability and workspaces call Aerial Business Communications on 02392 737 513.


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