Samsung DeX - The Desktop Experience Powered by Your Smartphone

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The Samsung DeX docking station lets you connect your Galaxy S8/S8+ to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone. So you can turn any space into your workplace.

With DeX, you can use apps, check notifications, monitor your inbox and edit & print documents on any desktop interface. It can make tasks like sending an email, bolding text, or copying & pasting between apps easier and faster, with just the click of a mouse or punch of a key. You can also take advantage of the ability to use keyboard shortcuts, selecting multiple files at once and right clicking to bring up contextual menus.

There’s no need to take your laptop with you when you’re away from the office, just the lightweight docking station, which also doubles as a charger. Plus, when your phone is plugged into the station, you can still access calls, texts and settings from the taskbar on your monitor. The DeX station is the ideal business accessory for the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, helping you stay productive whilst on the go.

To learn more about Samsung DeX call Aerial Business Communications on 02392 737 513.

Samsung DeX Docking Station


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