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In March this year O2’s Wifi & 4G Calling service was launched. As Wifi & 4G Calling is now available on a wider range of mobile devices and has been rolled out nationwide, O2 made the decision to close the TU Go service on Thursday 30th November 2017.

Although the TU Go app also enables you to make calls over a Wifi connection, the Wifi and 4G Calling services don’t require you to install an app or create an account. They also deliver crystal clear HD voice calls, filtering out background noise, making it easier to hear and be heard. The services cost no extra to set-up and will be billed as voice calls in exactly the same way as 2G and 3G services are. Minutes will simply come out of your bundle and out-of-tariff calls are charged at your standard rate.

Wifi Calling allows you to make and receive calls using any Wifi data connection, which is great if you’re in an area with no mobile coverage. 4G Calling allows you to make and  receive calls over the O2 4G data network, rather than having to fall back on 2G or 3G services. Because of the seamless handover between 4G and Wifi (and vice versa), you can walk from an indoor area with Wifi coverage such as your office to an outdoor area where you can pick up 4G, continuing your call without drop out.

O2's Wifi and 4G Calling

Wifi & 4G Calling Compatible Devices

O2 continue to expand the range of devices that Wifi & 4G calling is available on.
The current range includes:
• iPhone 8, 7, 6S, 6, and SE (including Plus models)
• Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 edge and Note 8*
• Sony XZ Premium, XZ1 and XZ1 Compact*
*Android devices must be using the O2 firmware to work with Wifi Calling.

For more details about O2’s Wifi & 4G Calling service,
please contact your account manager on 02392 737 513.


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Mobiles are central to our connected lives, which means your employees increasingly need access to confidential and sensitive business data wherever, whenever. Samsung Knox provides a single platform to safeguard data across all your company’s compatible Samsung mobile devices.

With Samsung Knox your employees are protected personally and professionally. You can be sure your company’s encrypted business and customer data will stay secure, no matter which Samsung device, app or service is used within the Knox container.


The strongest mobile security gives you confidence that your business is protected.
According to Gartner, with Samsung Knox, you’re using the most “strong” rated of any mobile security platform. So, you can be confident that you’re doing everything possible to protect the reputation of your business.

Mobile Management

Defence-grade security and management solutions that save you time and money.
Samsung Knox gives you a secure, all-in-one answer to the problems of setting up and managing your mobile devices. And it works seamlessly with any Samsung device, app or service used within the Knox container.


Customise your devices and create more tailored customer experiences.
With Samsung Knox, you get a powerful set of tools that allows you to customise your devices and create bespoke experiences, without compromising your data security.


Keep work and personal lives separate and remotely secure your business data.
Samsung Knox stores private user data and encrypted work data in separate containers, and all data can be found, locked or wiped remotely with a few clicks.

To learn more about Knox customisation, deployment, manageability and workspaces call Aerial Business Communications on 02392 737 513.


Aerial Business Communications are delighted to be finalists in three categories at the Comms National Awards 2017. The team have been nominated for the Nine Customer Service, Best Enterprise Contact Centre Solution and Best Enterprise Unified Comms Solution awards.

Hosted by Comms Dealer, the awards celebrate the accomplishments of companies and individuals that work within the ICT channel. Judged by an independent panels of experts entrants are assessed on their product innovations, contributions made to the industry and quality of service.

Comms National Awards 2017 - Aerial Business Communications

Nigel Sergent, Awards Co-ordinator & Editorial Director of Comms Dealer said:
“The number of entries our judges have received this year has been astonishing. They have also been particularly impressed with the quality and depth of the submissions, which proves what an amazing industry this is!”

The Comms National Awards 2017 will be held on Thursday 12th October at the Hilton Park Lane Hotel in London. The team look forward to an exciting evening and eagerly anticipate the results.

To read the Comms Dealer article, which features the full list of finalists, click here.


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The Samsung Galaxy Note8 has arrived. Offering an immersive, premium experience, it’s the ultimate in convenience, quality and security. Incredible features include the integrated S-Pen, immersive Infinity Display, 12MP dual lens camera, Bixby virtual assistant and long lasting battery.

For a limited time only, Aerial Business Communications are offering a FREE DeX station (worth £139) with every pre-order of the Galaxy Note8*.

Pre-Order Your Samsung Galaxy Note8 Now


With the S-Pen you can jot down ideas, draw sketches, take notes, create animated GIFs and write on photos. It’s also certified for digital signatures.

Samsung DeX

Dock your Note8 in the DeX Station to connect it to an external monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your smartphone.

Water & Dust Resistant

With the highest IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, you can rely on the Galaxy Note8 to stay on task when you’re working out in the field whatever the weather. The Note8 can withstand submersion in up to 1.5 metres of  freshwater for up to 30 minutes.


Samsung Knox defence-grade security platform is built-in to the Note8. It provides industry-validated, multilayered security trusted by governments & major enterprises worldwide.


The Galaxy Note8 uses advanced biometric security with iris scanning, which is 200 x more secure than a fingerprint scanner. You can unlock your phone with your eyes, face, fingerprint, pattern, password or PIN and be assured that the only person who can access your business data is you.


The powerful 10nm processor sets new standards for a business smartphone performance and conserves battery power. The internal 64GB of storage can be expanded by an additional 256GB via a MicroSD card, so you’ll never run out of room for your ideas.

For more information about packages or to take advantage of the Samsung Galaxy Note8 special offer call Aerial on 02392 737 513.

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The Samsung DeX docking station lets you connect your Galaxy S8/S8+ to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a desktop experience powered by your phone. So you can turn any space into your workplace.

With DeX, you can use apps, check notifications, monitor your inbox and edit & print documents on any desktop interface. It can make tasks like sending an email, bolding text, or copying & pasting between apps easier and faster, with just the click of a mouse or punch of a key. You can also take advantage of the ability to use keyboard shortcuts, selecting multiple files at once and right clicking to bring up contextual menus.

There’s no need to take your laptop with you when you’re away from the office, just the lightweight docking station, which also doubles as a charger. Plus, when your phone is plugged into the station, you can still access calls, texts and settings from the taskbar on your monitor. The DeX station is the ideal business accessory for the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+, helping you stay productive whilst on the go.

To learn more about Samsung DeX call Aerial Business Communications on 02392 737 513.

Samsung DeX Docking Station


Businesses in over 150 countries have been busy cleaning up the damage caused by the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks. The ransomware, which has affected hundreds of thousands of computers, locks computer files and demands users pay £230 for their files to be restored. However, there’s no guarantee that they will be.

Experts warn that there could be further ransomware cases over the coming weeks and with up to 60% of corporate data passing through employees’ smartphones, the security of sensitive data on mobile devices is a top concern.

The most common mobile operating system is Android and with 85% of the world’s smartphones running it, it makes it a target for hackers. Of those smartphones that run Android, 65% are manufactured by Samsung. But rest assured, almost all Samsung devices, including the Galaxy, A Series, J5 & X Cover, have the defence-grade Knox protection platform built in. An end-to-end solution, Knox is government certified solution that empowers you to secure, manage and customise your business’s mobile devices.

Join Our Smartphone Security Webinar

Join our FREE educational webinar in collaboration with our partner Samsung.

When: Monday 22nd May at 4.00pm
To join the webinar, dial: 0203 582 4515
Then enter this pin code: 348 449 270
To open the web portal: click here

For more information on smartphone security call Aerial Business Communications on 02392 737 513.

Smartphone Security Webinar

You’ve just purchased your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone and you need to transfer content from your old mobile phone to your new one quickly and painlessly. The Samsung Smart Switch app allows you to transfer all of your content simply and securely.

With Samsung Smart Switch you can transfer your content from most Android, OS, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows devices. Plus, Smart Switch helps you find your favourite apps or suggest similar ones on Google Play. Samsung Smart Switch enables you to transfer your;
Samsung Smart Switch - Transfer Contacts and Content

Content from your old phone can be transferred via a USB cable (see below). Alternatively, content can be transferred to a PC or Mac and then onto your new Galaxy smartphone. To download the free Smart Switch app click here. Samsung also have some useful how-to videos – to watch them just click here.

Samsung Smart Switch

To find out more about our in-house mobile set-up, repair and maintenance services call
Aerial Business Communications on 02392 737 513.

Aerial Business Communications are delighted to be finalists in four categories at the Comms Business Awards 2017.
We have been nominated for the following awards;

• Customer Service Team of the Year
• Mobile Market Makers
Mid-Market Digital Transformation Solution
• Apprenticeship Scheme of the Year

The Comms Business Awards celebrates the achievements of the ICT channel, recognising the accomplishments of companies, teams and individuals over the past 12 months. Every entry is assessed by an independent and impartial judging panel of industry experts.

The awards night will be held on Thursday 15th June 2017 at The Royal Lancaster London Hotel. The Aerial team eagerly anticipate the results and look forward to attending the ceremony, which will be hosted by comedy Pub Landlord, Al Murray.

To read the Comms Business Magazine article which features the full list of finalists, click here.

Comms Business Awards 2017 Finalists


Whilst there are 100’s, if not 1000’s, of business telephone system options currently available to you, we believe that the IP Cortex is the right choice for your business. So, here are the top 8 reasons to invest in an IP Cortex telephone system, in plain English!

1. Licence Free

It is no secret that one of the most expensive elements of a modern telephone system is licensing. Essentially, this means that on most telephone systems to activate certain features such as a new handset, voicemail or additional telephone lines you will be charged a licence fee per feature.
The IP Cortex is licence free! If you want a new handset, then all you pay for is the handset and nothing else. This is a hidden advantage as your business expands and requires additional users and features.

2. Handset Agnostic

Most business telephone systems must use a proprietary handset. For example, if you buy an Avaya telephone system, you need to buy an Avaya handset. This can limit your choice and expose your business to more expensive handsets.
The IP Cortex is handset agnostic and can use a huge range of handsets. This offers far more choice so your business can better meet the needs of your employees at a range of price points.

IP Cortex Telephone System

3. Video Conferencing & More with Keevio

The advent of services such as Skype and Apple’s Facetime have filtered through to the business world with many companies benefiting from video conferencing, screen sharing and instant messaging. These are often delivered as expensive standalone services or on a licenced based model.
IP Cortex offer their Keevio software to every IP Cortex user which gives everyone access to secure video conferencing and calling, screen sharing, file transfer and company-wide instant messaging at no additional cost. Keevio can also be used as a computer softphone for users that do not require a physical handset*.

4. Lifetime Warranty

It is often quoted that most telephone systems have a useful life span of approximately seven years before they need to be replaced with a completely new system.
Aerial offer a lifetime warranty on all IP Cortex systems and Yealink handsets whilst the units are within maintenance and support, offering complete peace of mind.

5. Free Upgrades

As with other software and IT products, telephone systems are constantly evolving and adding to their feature and function lists. Most telephone system manufacturers will charge you to benefit from these new functions. This adds another level of cost when looking to ensure your system is as good as it can be.
IP Cortex has a different approach. If your system is within maintenance and support, Aerial will offer any updates at no additional charge. This offers outstanding value for money when you consider in the last 12 months our
IP Cortex customers have benefited from upgrades providing video conferencing, advanced conferencing, screen sharing, improved tannoy service – all at no additional cost. It’s like getting a new phone system every year,
for free!

6. Work From Home or Anywhere

There seems to be an increased pressure on employers to allow employees to work from home or remotely.
As a ‘non-standard function’ on most modern telephone systems this can be an expensive licence based option. It also creates issues around monitoring productivity and performance.

7. Access From Anywhere!

Traditional telephone systems and some new versions require an engineer to plug directly into the system to make simple changes, fix error and change configuration details. This can be expensive if you require an engineer every time you need to make a simple change such as a line divert or voicemail change. Alternatively, you could try to learn how to undertake this yourself which comes with its own inherent problems.
The IP Cortex offers users a simple to use portal where most changes are achieved by ‘drag and drop’ actions, drop down or tick boxes. The portal is web based which means it can be reached wherever you have a connection to the internet (even on a mobile!)
The IP Cortex allows home users to be part of the telephone system at no additional cost whilst offering the business managers a range of tools to monitor productivity, employee ability and performance.

8. Call Recording

Adding call recording to most modern business telephone systems is an expensive exercise in terms of equipment and licensing charges. However, the uses for call recording are becoming far more appreciated by business of all types. The uses range from verbal contract, order taking, training, evaluating employees and delivering high levels of customer service.
The IP Cortex Pro unit includes call recording for all users at no additional charge. It also puts you in charge of who is recorded and how they are recorded**.

We hope this guide has helped explain why we believe the IP Cortex is far more than your average business telephone system and how it can, not only grow with your business, but enhance it.
For more information about IP Cortex telephone systems, call Aerial Business Communications on
02392 737 513.

*Restrictions apply.
**Call recording only available on IP Cortex Pro units.

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