INKWRX Data Capture

INKWRX Data Capture

INKWRX is a data capture solution that enables you to convert existing business forms and create new forms that can be completed using a smartphone, tablet or digital pen.

INKWRX Data Capture Interface HomeThe solution supports your mobile workforce to increase the accuracy of the data collected, enhance productivity by eliminating duplication of work and make data processing more efficient. INKWRX is used by multinationals and local companies, in a diverse range of industries from healthcare and logistics to construction and field sales.

Great for Your Organisation

  • Slashes the average time spent processing a form from 10 days to 10 minutes.
  • Increases data accuracy, which in turn, enhances customer experience and reduces the risk of disputes.
  • Speeds up the invoicing process and therefore payments, improving cash flow.
  • Information from completed forms is easier to access.

Great for Your Budget

  • Dramatically reduces postage, transport and storage costs, saving your business money.
  • Eliminates labour costs associated with the data input of paper forms.
  • The cloud-based solution removes the need for capital investment.

Great for Your Workforce

  • Productivity improves by an average by 20%.
  • Diminishes the drudgery of managing paperwork and data entry.
  • Less time spent scanning, faxing or posting of completed forms.
  • Frees up time for your mobile workforce to focus on core tasks.
  • Admin staff no longer have to work out content of damaged or spoiled forms.

Great for the Environment

  • The paperless or paper-lite nature of the process saves trees.
  • Reduces transport and postage requirements – cutting carbon emissions.
  • Lowers the need for mobile workers in the field to return to base.

Create > Capture > Control

INKWRX Data Capture InterfaceCreate paperless forms with INKWRX’s simple, user-friendly drag and drop interface. Customise forms with your chosen fonts, colours and company logo. The application is easier to use than Microsoft Office, requires no IT or coding experience. Training only takes an hour and ongoing support is available.
E-forms can be completed anywhere, even in remote locations with limited or no internet access. They’re automatically saved and then sent back to the office when you’re back online. The data can be instantly and seamlessly integrated into back-office systems.
Administrators can control every aspect of the application from user account access and device management to form styles and captured data. Data can be delivered in PDF, PNG, XML, CSV and many more formats. There’s also the option to build bespoke dashboards for quick reference reporting.

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