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Samsung Galaxy S8 - Unbox Your Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the perfect combination of form, functionality, intelligent technology and user experience. It removes the boundaries, revolutionising and expending your mobile experience.

Infinity Display

Every part of the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been rethought, from the inside out. The S8’s end-to-end 5.8″ screen breaks through the confines of the standard display, so you can barely tell where the Gorilla Glass screen ends and the frame begins. The infinity display fills the front of the smartphone, curving around its edges and seamlessly into its aluminium frame. The largest screen on a mobile of its size, there’s no bezel, so all you see is pure immersive content that draws you in.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is also the first smartphone to achieve the Mobile HDR Premium certification, which means when you watch a film, you see the same vivid, realistic colours that the director intended you to.


Symmetrical Design, Embedded Home Button

New to the Galaxy series, the home button is now embedded within the screen where you would normally find it and works just as before – with a press. This allows for an expanded screen, without necessitating a larger form.
The S8’s continuous surface is comfortable to hold in one hand and easy to use. With a larger screen there’s less scrolling and multi-tasking is simple – text while you watch a film or write a list while you browse the web.
The front and rear of the smartphone are equally uniform, as the rear camera sits flush with the back for a smooth, streamlined profile.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in Midnight Black and Orchid Grey.

Cameras that Capture the Moment Day & Night

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s 12MP rear camera and 8MP front camera both have a bright F1.7 lens that capture vivid photos in any light. The enhanced multi-frame image processor takes multiple shots and combines the best elements into one high-quality photo.
The ‘selfie’ front camera features Smart Auto Focus functionality that recognises faces, keeping everyone in the shot in focus.
The main rear camera’s Dual Pixel sensor, large 1.4µm pixels, wide aperture and bright lens capture more light in dimly lit conditions, so what you see on the screen is what your photo will look like.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera

Pro Mode
The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Pro Mode gives you the option to adjust the ISO, Shutter speed, Exposure, Colour tone, Manual focus, and WB (White Balance) settings, so you can take full advantage of the camera’s superior performance.

Selective Focus
The Selective Focus Mode enables you to choose the depth of field after taking the shot. You can choose whether the foreground, background, or both are in focus.

Filtered Moments
Enhance photos with a range of filters. The preview option lets you choose the filter before you even take the shot. There’s also a Food Mood for mouth watering shots.

IP68-Rated Water & Dust Resistant

No matter what conditions you’re working in, the S8 is protected against water and dust. The Samsung Galaxy S8 can withstand full immersion in water up to 1.5 metres deep for half an hour and is also protected against dust, dirt & sand.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Water Resistant IP68 2

Defence Grade Security

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Samsung Knox 2.8, a defence-grade security platform approved by governments worldwide. It provides protection that works at chip, hardware and software levels.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has five secure methods of keeping your phone locked and the contents secure – facial recognition, iris scanning, fingerprint scanning, patterns and passwords. The biometric authentication methods are highly secure and remove the need to remember a password or PIN.

Facial Recognition
The S8 is the first Galaxy to introduce facial recognition – a faster new way to unlock your phone. Just raise your phone as if taking a selfie and access it instantly.

Iris Scanning
With iris scanning your smartphone can be opened with your eyes only, as no two irises have the same pattern and they’re virtually impossible to replicate.

Fingerprint Scanning
When you pick up your Samsung Galaxy S8, your finger naturally covers the fingerprint sensor on the back of the phone, unlocking it in one simple motion.

Secure Folder
Store your most private files and apps in the Galaxy’s Secure Folder Secure. That information can only be accessed by you and you have the option to make the Secure Folder visible to only yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Knox Security

Faster Performance, Longer Battery Life, Expandable Memory

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has the world’s first 10nm processor, making downloading, charging and switching between apps very fast. It’s also incredibly power-efficient, so the battery lasts longer than ever. Samsung have gone above and beyond industry safety regulations, ensuring batteries pass eight stringent levels of quality checks.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Expandable MemoryThe S8 has convenient fast charging and wireless charging capabilities. The USB Type-C charger cable means you can plug it in either way up.
The standard 64GB memory can be expanded with a MicroSD card by up to 256GB, so you can keep all of you important business files, photos and videos.

Bixby Intelligence

Bixby is an intelligent interface that will completely change the way you interact with your smartphone. It’s the personal assistant that understands talk, text & touch and you can seamlessly switch between modes of communications.
It will revolutionise the way you search – just open up your camera app or use an existing image to get results straight away.

  • Shopping – Seen a pair of shoes you’d like to buy? Open the camera and Bixby will suggest where you can buy them from.
  • Place – Point your camera at a landmark to get suggestions on local restaurants.
  • Text – Focus the camera on a document and Bixby will translate the words
  • Wine – Aim the camera at a wine label and for online reviews.
  • Images – Use your own photos to search for similar images online.
  • QR Code – The camera can be used directly to scan QR codes, without the need for a separate apps.

Samsung Galaxy S8 SpecificationsSamsung Galaxy S8 Specifications

Colours: Midnight Black / Orchid Grey
Display: 5.8″, sAMOLED screen
Resolution: 2960 x 1440 (570PPI)
Dimensions: 148.9mm x 68.1mm x 8.0mm
Front Camera: 8MP, F1.7
Back Camera: 12MP, F1.7 lens, Dual Pixel Sensor
Memory: 4GB RAM, 64GB
Expandable Memory: MicroSD 256GB
Battery: 3,000mAh
Weight: 155g

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